Batman, Captain America Rescue Cat From House Fire

It was Batman to the rescue, really, when a cat became stuck in a house fire over the weekend in West Virginia.

Batman and his partner, Captain America, were entertaining children and veterans at an American Legion event in Milton, W. Va., Saturday afternoon when a house near the event caught on fire.

At the site of billowing smoke coming from the house, Batman and Captain America took off right into the fire, knocked down a door and broke a window to get into the home. They made it just a few feet into the front room before they were forced to retreat due to the smoke, but not before Batman was able to pull a cat from the home to safety, even performing CPR on the animal to save its life.

"When that cat woke up, it immediately started swatting and hissing at me," Batman, otherwise known as John Buckland, told The Herald-Dispatch. "It had a giant bat in its face, so I couldn't blame it."

Buckland, who could not be reached today by, is the founder of " Heroes 4 Higher," a West Virginia-based company that provides superhero characters to children's events with a message that kids can, "Be The Hero' to their community," according to the company's website.

Before taking on the role of Batman, Buckland spent nearly a decade as a firefighter in both Georgia and Iraq, the latter while working for the Department of Defense.

The house was deemed a total loss by fire officials but no one was injured in the blaze, according to the Herald-Dispatch.

"I was able to talk to the owner after she got to her house," Buckland told the newspaper. "She was glad we were able to rescue her cat, but she said there were two more in the house. I know it was a devastating feeling for her."