California Mother Publicly Scolds Daughter for Twerking

ABC News' Daniel Rapaport reports:

Miley Cyrus' twerking escapades have made mothers around the world fearful that their daughters also might be doing the risque dance.

When Frances Hena of Bakersfield, Calif., discovered that her 11-year-old daughter had been twerking at a school dance despite warning her not to, Hena turned to an unorthodox - if not cruel and unusual - method of punishment.

Jamie Hena was forced to spend two hours Monday afternoon at the busy intersection of California and Union holding a sign that read, "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance."

"I want her to realize that she is just a child and that she can't do that," Francis Hena told ABC affiliate KERO.

Twerking has seen a recent surge in popularity. The dance move involves rhythmic thrusts of the breasts and pelvis, which Frances says makes it inappropriate for a pre-teen.

"That's ridiculous to even think that's okay at a school dance," Hena told "When she's 18, she can do whatever she wants. As of right now, that's not something she's going to be doing."

Hena found out about her daughter's twerking through a friend. She said the school's inaction and her daughter's reaction fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the matter.

"I haven't heard anything from the school still, and it's just ridiculous to think that's okay at a school dance," she said. "I'm also not sure my daughter realizes how seriously I take this."

Hena said she hopes the embarrassing punishment she imposed on her daughter will also be a deterrent to any would-be teen twerkers.

"It's not something kids should be doing," Hena said.