Photographer Snaps 'Bulletproof' Squirrel

A Louisiana scenic and wildlife photographer snapped a picture of a squirrel that was apparently shot behind its front limb with a .22 caliber bullet but still manages to run and play.

Christine Regusa, of Covington, La., was looking at photographs she'd taken in her family's backyard when a photo of a squirrel caught her attention.

"She looked at it, and kept looking at it," her mother, Laura Regusa, told "She said, 'God, that looks like a bullet.'"

Christine Regusa had taken a picture of a squirrel with what appeared to be a bullet lodged behind its front limb, dubbing it "Bullet Squirrel," her mother said.

While Regusa doesn't know how the resilient rodent may have been shot, she said it looked very at home in her backyard where it scampers around, she said. She believes it has a nest in a nearby tree.

"He's running around like nothing's wrong with him," she said.

"It's shocking. It's sad," Christine Regusa told ABC New Orleans affiliate WGNO-TV. "This is one of my squirrels from before that is carrying shrapnel. He's got a bullet, you know. Telling his New Orleans tale."

Credit: WGNO/ABC News