Seniors See Nothing Wrong With 'WTF' High School Shirt

Students at North Pointe Prep High School in Phoenix, Ariz., are earning a reputation for eyebrow raising slogans. This year's slogan emblazoned on T-shirts is "WTF."

In smaller letters is "We're the Falcons."

The letters WTF are also a popular shorthand for "What the…," a phrase that ends in an obscenity.

Richard Gow, the principal of the charter school, declined to comment on the shirts and instead set up ABC News with a conference call with seniors Cameron Pinches, Phil Briggs IV and Raymond Brannon.

"Just because it sounds like something, doesn't mean that's what it is," Briggs told ABC News.

Pinches said people who are seeing a rude message "are putting those thoughts into it. It says clearly says 'We Are The Falcons.'"

The school revealed this year's spirit shirts at the pep assembly before the start of the football season and the crowd erupted in cheers, Pinches said. "We don't do this for other people, we do this for our school to show that we're united," Pinches said. "This is not to spark controversy."

Brannon said the shirt's brassy slogan said a lot about North Pointe.

"We're not just smaller, we have different ideas and take things to another level. And we enjoy ourselves," he said.

Last year's shirt, which read "Falcon Awesome," was equally eyebrow-raising.

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