Bears Destroy Family's Car to Get at Mints

A family of bears are being blamed for destroying a car that had a pack of gum and some mints inside.

Bob Monzel was unaware that his car had been attacked until a UPS driver delivered a package to Monzel's home Tuesday afternoon and asked him what happened to his car, a Honda Element.

"The doors were ajar. The two front seats were shredded to bare metal. Both doors were completely ripped, and the air bags had been ripped out," Monzel told "There really isn't a piece of plastic inside that's still intact."

The Indian Hills, Colo., resident said he had seen a female bear and her two cubs roaming around the neighborhood for the past two weeks and believes the bear family is the culprit. And although Monzel cleaned out his car on Sunday, he left mints and a pack of gum, which he thinks are responsible for attracting the bears to the vehicle.

"It's probably totaled. It's inoperable right now," Monzel said. "I mean, there are wires hanging everywhere and it has no seat." Monzel said he is fortunate that his car insurance covers act-of-nature comprehensive.

A family of bears destroyed a man's car in Colorado earlier this week. (Bob Monzel)

"It was a shock, but it reminds us that we are living in bear territory and we have to respect the wildlife," said Monzel. "It's a little bit humbling in that we didn't realize the sheer power even a small bear can have."

"We're reminded that we should probably take more precaution," he laughed. "We'll probably be garaging our mints from now on."