Georgia Tech Frat Suspended Over 'Rapebait' Email

A Georgia Tech fraternity has suspended itself and one of its members after a "disturbing" email entitled "Luring Your Rapebait" went viral.

The email sent to the Alpha Ro chapter of Phi Kappa Tau a few weeks ago included instructions to offer women alcohol earlier on in the night. The instructions became increasingly vulgar from that point on.

The Alpha Ro chapter has suspended the author of the email and has placed itself on suspension. Steven Hartman, CEO of Phi Kappa Tau, issued a statement saying that "the referenced email is extremely inappropriate…the written expression of this thinking by a member is disturbing to everyone associated with Alpha Ro chapter and the Fraternity."

"Georgia Tech immediately began an investigation when it first learned of this matter [on September 18]," said Director of Media Relations Matt Nagel. Nagel declined to comment further since Georgia Tech does not comment on ongoing investigations.

The school released a statement that said it "does not condone this type of behavior" and that it is "currently engaged in an investigation to determine the facts" with the Phi Kappa Tau national office and the Institute's Interfraternity Council.

A Phi Kappa Tau brother from Georgia Tech University is under fire for his email about luring women into having sex. (