Airline Passenger Says Lost Suitcase Returned Filled With Stranger's Dirty Laundry

A Delta Airlines passenger says her luggage went missing and was returned with someone else's dirty clothes inside.

Meaghan McCord, a jewelry designer in Atlanta, was on her way to New York City to show clients examples of her jewelry.

When she landed in New York, her checked bag was nowhere to be found, she told ABC's Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV.

When the bag was returned to her at her Atlanta home 23 days later, she told WSB that not only was the jewelry missing but there were items inside the suitcase that weren't hers, including a bunch of dirty lingerie.

"I'm like that's not mine, that is not mine. None of this is mine. None of this is mine! Oh, and what's in this bag? Oh, it's someone's dirty panties," McCord told the affiliate.

"I'd never wear those shoes. Are you serious? said McCord, showing the WSB reporter the items she found in her suitcase. "I swear, they traded my stuff with a prostitute's stuff."

An Atlanta's woman's luggage disappeared, and was returned with another person's laundry inside. (Credit: WSB-TV)

McCord said she could also tell that someone had rifled through her clothes and tried them on.

"When you take off tight jeans, they turn inside out, so it was like somebody had gone through and sifted through what they wanted and put everything back that didn't fit them," said McCord.

She said the airline offered several explanations as to why her bag never made it to New York City.

"At first they told me the bag was on its way, then there's car trouble, then the truck's stolen," she told WSB. McCord said she called the New York Police Department about the stolen truck but said the police told her the department had no record of a truck carrying luggage being stolen.

McCord said the airline sent her a check for $3,400, but when she went to deposit it, she found it had been canceled. She said the airline told her it was reissuing the check.

Delta Airlines released a statement to WSB, saying, "In addition to the settlement check, we have also offered the customer a travel voucher for the miscommunication. We are sorry for this customer's experience and look forward to the opportunity to serve her again."

ABC News' attempts to reach McCord were not immediately successful.