Daylight Saving Time 2013: Gain an Hour on Sunday

Despite it happening twice a year, and despite a catchy saying to help you remember (Spring forward! Fall back!), the question on every reader's mind today is the same: are the clocks changing this weekend?

The answer is yes.

Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, which means that most residents of the U.S. go back to Standard Time at 2 a.m. on Sunday. To do that, we set the clocks back one hour. Here's a primer:

Go to bed Saturday night, 11 p.m.

Wake up Sunday morning, 9 a.m.

Set the clock back one hour to 8 a.m. and keep snoozing. You're all set.

The guidance outlined above does not apply to you if you live in Hawaii (where all the time is island time!) or most parts of Arizona.

Enjoy your extra hour this weekend!