'GMA' Witnesses Tender Military Homecomings

ABC News' James Wang, Bartley Price and Rich McHugh report:

Jennifer Stewart, Brittany Lotts and Jesse Fuller couldn't wait to see their husbands.

They were nervous and excited as they put on their makeup, did their hair and dressed their children to go meet their U.S. Army husbands as they returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

"I have not seen my husband in nine months," said Stewart, of Sackets Harbor, N.Y.

Married to Maj. Mike Stewart, Jennifer Stewart cared for their children, 2-year-old Patrick and 6-year-old Izzy, while her husband was deployed in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Jesse Fuller's husband, Michael, deployed to Ghazni just two weeks after the birth of their son, Brantlee.

She knew she was "going to be a big cry baby" when she got to see her husband again.

Brittany Lotts was 15 weeks pregnant when her husband, Capt. William Lotts, was deployed. Their daughter, Finley, was born in July while he was in Afghanistan.

"Good Morning America" talked to the three women as they prepared for their husband's homecoming, and GMA's Josh Elliott traveled to Ghazni to watch as the

soldiers - including the three women's husbands, all attached to Fort Drum, N.Y. - closed the base for good and boarded a plane for home.

The women arrived at the gym where they would welcome their husbands home. Brittany Lotts pushed her daughter's stroller in. Izzy led her mother, Jennifer Stewart, into the facility.

When, the soldiers arrived, walking in formation, tears filled Brittany Lotts' eyes.

"I cannot keep myself together," she said.

Courtesy Michael Fuller | Courtesy William Lotts

When Izzy spotted her father, she ran out to greet him. Then, it was her mother's turn. Jennifer and Mike Stewart hugged each other and held on tight.

Sgt. Michael Fuller turned around, searching until he spotted his wife and child and reunited with them.

William and Brittany Lotts might have been the only two people in that crowded gym.

"I'm a little rusty," he said as he kissed his wife.

Then, he met his daughter for the very first time, and the little girl kissed her father's cheek.

Lotts described meeting his young daughter as "awesome." He was gentle with her.

"She felt pretty light, petty new and fragile," he said. "I wanted to be careful and not hurt her."

Stewart said he was looking forward to spending some quality time with his children.

"My couch with these critters on it - I would do anything for it," he said.

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