Tomahawk Throwing Champ Fends Off Burglar Who Woke Her

A suspected burglar is now in custody after trying to rob a California woman who happened to be a professional ax thrower.

Robin Irvine was sound asleep early Saturday morning when Nicholas Ulloa, 22, snuck into her home in Hemet, Calif., according to a statement issued by Hemet police. She woke to find the suspected burglar reportedly trying to swipe a wrist watch directly from her wrist, the statement reports.

"I sat right up and I screamed at the top of my lungs," Irvine told ABC's Los Angeles affiliate KABC.

Irvine, a "Tomahawk Throwing Champion," quickly armed herself with a throwing ax she keeps close to her bedside and managed to chase Ulloa out of her home, police said.

"I could've thrown it. Put it right through his spine But I couldn't do it," Irvine told KABC. "It's in my training. I couldn't do it."

Hemet police arrested the alleged robber after they found him hiding behind a bush 50 yards away from Irvine's home along with several bags filled with her belongings, a police report read.

Ulloa was booked at the Hemet Police Department for burglary in the first degree and taken to Riverside County Jail, according to a report.

Ulloa's lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment.

(credit: Hemet Police Department)