Crushed Under Semi, Wreck Victims Had 'God Watching Over Them'

A couple received only minor injuries after a horrific accident on an icy interstate highway in Kentucky that turned their car into a twisted heap of metal.

Christopher York, 33, of Verona, Ky., and Anna Speier, 44, of Bromley, Ky., were traveling northbound on the I-75 highway on Monday when their silver Ford Focus was first crushed against a concrete barrier by a tractor-trailer, then pinned underneath the truck, police reported.

A spokesman for the Boone County Sheriff's Office told ABC News that York, who was driving, suffered a broken arm while Speier sustained a gash to her head.

The couple was evacuated to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center by helicopter with non-life-threatening injuries. A spokesperson for the hospital did not immediately respond to ABC News on their current condition.

"It's amazing that these two people made it out alive," wrote Erika Adams in a Facebook post. Adams was stopped in traffic on the highway when the crash occurred near the Walton, Ky., exit. "You couldn't even tell what kind of car it was. God was watching over them that's for sure."

Firefighters who responded to the scene cut the door off the car to pull the couple out.

Fredrick Brown, 50 of Fort Mitchell, Ala., the driver of the tractor trailer, was uninjured during the incident.

More dangerous driving conditions are expected as winter storm warnings are forecast from Houston to Maryland, with expected ice and snow through Wednesday.

A car crash on I-75 in Walton, Ky. resulted in a car underneath a tractor trailer on Jan. 27, 2014.