Meatball the Fat Cat Heads to Feline Fat Farm

It's pretty easy to figure out why this fat cat is named Meatball.

The short-haired domestic feline weighs 36 pounds and "is the biggest cat I've ever seen," Melissa Gable of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Arizona told

Meatball was dropped off at an animal control facility on Tuesday, Gable said, and since then has been living in her office since he is too big for any of the cat kennels.

"He doesn't have problems walking, but he also does not have a lot of stamina," Gable said.

Not only is Meatball not a fan of exercise, it seems, but it's also taken him a while to get used to his cat diet food.

"When he first got diet food, he wasn't interested," Gable said. "Finally, later, he perked up and went for it."

Meatball will head to the Companion Pet Clinic in Gold Canyon, Ariz., today, where Gable said he will get the full "feline fat farm" treatment, which includes a diet and exercise plan supervised by veterinarians.

"Once he gets down to a weight they think is manageable, they will help find Meatball a new home," Gable said.

See Buddha Use An Underwater Treadmill to Exercise

Another fat cat, Buddha, became an international celebrity last year when video of him working out on his water-aerobic treadmill went viral.

The feline's workout plan showed some results, however he was sidelined by a heart problem. Buddha died in December.

(Image Credit: KNXV/ABC News)