Super Francis Graffiti Gets Vatican's Seal of Approval

First he was named TIME magazine's person of the year, then graced the cover of Rolling Stone, now the pope has further etched himself into the annals of popular culture by cropping up in superhero graffiti surfacing around the Vatican.

The Vatican Communications office clearly approves, tweeting a picture today of the "Super-Pope" artwork painted by Italian street artist Maupal.

The man of God-turned-man of steel is depicted flying with clenched fist, with papal cape fluttering in the wind and clutching a briefcase filled with "valores" or "values."

Pope Francis, 77, has been winning hearts around the world with his simple lifestyle, approachability and openness to dialogue on issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

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If only those superpowers were real, the pontiff may have been able to swoop in and rescue the two peace doves that were attacked by other birds shortly after he released them on Sunday.

Graffiti depicting Pope Francis as a superhero and holding a bag with writing that reads: "Values" is seen on a wall of the Borgo Pio district near St. Peter's Square in Rome, Jan. 28, 2014.