Are You Smarter Than A Preschooler? Not This Mensa Member

Are you smarter than a preschooler? Probably not this one.

Meet Alexis Martin, a 3-year old with a genius IQ.

After learning to read at just 2, and teaching herself Spanish using her parents' iPad, little Alexis is now a card-carrying member of Mensa, an organization that extends membership to just the smartest 2 percent of the population.

Alexis, who lives with her family outside Phoenix, Ariz., is the youngest person in that state to be offered membership in the club, according to ABC affiliate KNXV.

Doctors tested the little girl and found she had an IQ of 160, well above the average of 100 points, her father Ian Martin told the station.

Martin said he realized his daughter was special when at just over a year old, she could recite whole books from memory.

"From 12 to 18-months-old, we'd be driving around in the car and she would recite her bedtime story from the night before," Martin told KNXV. "She didn't just recite them, she recited them exactly."

Martin said his daughter has an exceptional memory and facility for language.

"Anytime she learns a word and just picks it up through anything, she never ever uses it in the incorrect context, ever," he said.

Despite being a genius, Alexis is still a little girl and her parents are struggling with how to best school her in a way that will appropriately socialize and sufficiently educate her.

"Does she go into kindergarten early? We are kind of hesitant because we do want her to to get that social aspect," her father said.

Emails for comment to the Greater Phoenix chapter of Mensa were not immediately returned.

Three-year old Alexis Martin is the youngest member named to Mensa. (KNXV/ABC News)