Big Mouth Billy Bass Scares Off Burglar

If you received a Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty singing fish for Christmas and passed it off as a silly gift, think again. The fish could be your greatest security system.

A fishing store owner in Minnesota credits the mounted fish, which sings songs like "Take Me to the River" and "Don't Worry, Be Happy" while flapping its tail, with warding off an attempted burglary.

"I think he just did his job, and scared whoever it was right out of their tracks, and they ran," Tom Allen, the owner of Hooked on Fishing in Rochester, Minn., told local media outlets.

Allen keeps the fish near the store's front door so it is activated to start singing and moving whenever a customer enters.

On Monday, Allen arrived at his store to find the front door kicked in but nothing from the store missing, including cash that would have been visible to the would-be burglar.

"There were plenty of things to take but nothing was missing … other than Billy's pride," Olmsted County Sheriff's Sgt. Tom Claymon told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The novelty toy, which now sells on sites like Amazon and eBay starting at $22, was found on the floor, presumably knocked down by the intruder in his or her haste.

Claymon stated that Big Mouth Billy Bass "took one for the team."