'Catch Me If You Can,' Motorcyclist Taunts Cops

A reckless motorcyclist in San Antonio filmed himself driving in slow-moving traffic at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour and posted the video to his Facebook page with a caption including the taunt "catch me if you can," police said.

After someone flagged the video to authorities, the San Antonio Police Department asked for the public's help in catching the rider, who police identified as 26-year-old Albert Rodriguez. Upon further investigation, SAPD discovered Rodriguez is already facing two outstanding felony warrants and one misdemeanor warrant for family violence.

"This young man appears to be an attention seeker from the videos he's posted," Sgt. Javier Salazar said. Salazar described a video Rodriguez posted of him attempting dangerous wheelies on his motorcycle surrounded by cars. "We're hoping that his level of publicity will help us arrest him."

The video was captured from the motorcyclist's helmet and has been shared more than 10,000 times since it was posted in May 2013, but the SAPD got word of it only days ago.

"I'm surprised it took this long to get to us, but I'm glad that it did," Salazar said.

The video is particularly disturbing because it was filmed in broad daylight in an extremely congested highway of the city, Salazar said. The SAPD is hoping that widespread sharing of this dramatic video will lead to Rodriguez's quick arrest, he said.

The video's recent attention has appeared to have prompted Rodriguez to take down his Facebook page, but Salazar said his team already downloaded the video and took screen grabs of everything to use as evidence.

"The young man was commenting on the video like he was the one riding the motorcycle," Salazar said. "It just goes to show that if you post videos showing off criminal activity, they will come back to haunt you."

(Credit: San Antonio Police Dept./KSAT/ABC News)