Expanded Roles for Jeanmarie Condon & Almin Karamehmedovic

ABC News President Ben Sherwood sent the following note to the news division announcing expanded roles for Jeanmarie Condon and Almin Karamehmedovic at ABC News:

I am pleased to announce that Jeanmarie Condon has been named Senior Executive Producer of Content and Development for ABC News, and Almin Karamehmedovic is the new Executive Producer of "Nightline."

In her new role Jeanmarie will report directly to James Goldston and develop a range of special projects and series for broadcast, digital and cable, focusing on the award-winning enterprise reporting and on the original division-wide deep dive journalism she is known for spearheading. Additionally, she will continue to oversee "Nightline Primetime."

For the past three years as Executive Producer of "Nightline," Jeanmarie has led the program through great and difficult days with superb results. She is one of the finest storytellers in the building, crafting memorable and important hours of programming not only for "Nightline," but also for Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, and Christiane Amanpour.

During her time as "Nightline" EP, the program grew in both total audience and in the key demographic. Prior to being named EP, she was a key player in "Nightline's" rise to the #1 late-night program under James' leadership. She also executive produced 30 primetime hours and contributed mightily to the division's award-winning coverage of the Arab Spring.

Prior to joining the "Nightline" team, Jeanmarie was an prize-winning documentary producer for both Diane and Peter. She has won three DuPont Awards, two Edward R. Murrow Awards, six Emmy awards, and three Peabody Awards.

Outside of work, Jeanmarie's main hobby is attending her 11-year old daughter Laila's basketball games, numerous dance recitals, and theater performances.

Almin is the new Executive Producer of "Nightline," effective immediately and he will report directly to James. For the past four years, Almin has been instrumental in overseeing "Nightline's" ground-breaking content, first as senior producer, than as senior broadcast producer in 2012. His relentless journalism and wonderful eye for riveting television have created an impressive body of work.

Since joining ABC News in 1998, Almin has been involved in many firsts: in 2001 he was one of the first journalists to gain access to Tora Bora, Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden was holed up, and in 2003 he embedded with the US Army during the invasion of Iraq and spent much of the next three years there. In 2005, he was one of the first journalists to travel to Darfur/Sudan to report on the genocide unfolding there, and in 2006 he covered the war in Southern Lebanon. He has won eight Emmys, two Overseas Press Club Awards, two Genesis awards, as well as contributing to a number of ABC News' Peabody and DuPont Awards.

Almin joined the New York "Nightline" team in 2008, moving here with his wife Amela and son Jake.

He credits learning the art of long-form storytelling to the expert guidance from James and Jeanmarie. Some of his more memorable pieces include going undercover to investigate the exorcisms of alleged Child Witches in the Congo; covering the scourge of TB in Sierra Leone; reporting on the drug wars in Mexico; tracking American pedophiles being permitted to leave the US and abuse children in Asia; as well as being chased by wild elephants in Africa; living among indigenous people in the Amazon; and feeding donkey meat to cheetahs.

A permanent resident of US and citizen of both the UK and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Almin has traveled to over 90 countries.

Please join me in congratulating two of Nightline's finest - Jeanmarie and Almin.