Not Again! Bobsledders Tweet They're Stuck - This Time in Elevator

Olympic bobsledders trapped in tight spaces seems like it's becoming a daily thing in Sochi.

In today's edition, Team USA bobsledders Johnny Quinn and Nick Cunningham tweeted that they were stuck in a broken elevator.

Cunningham tweeted to that he and Quinn weren't trapped for too long.

Quinn became an internet sensation over the weekend after he posted a photo of his Hulk-like smash through a Sochi bathroom door after it jammed.

Quinn told "Good Morning America" he was so happy to escape the bathroom but after he saw the gaping hole, he thought he would get in trouble.

"At that time I was so mad and frustrated I didn't even have a towel in there. I was just excited to finally get out of there. Once I got out of there and put a towel on, I looked back at the door and said 'Oh man there's a giant hole in there. I might get in trouble for this,'" Quinn said.

Quinn said his teammates and neighbors didn't hear his loud bangs on the wall for help, prompting the 6-foot, 220-pound athlete to use his bobsled training to finally bust down the door.

On Sunday, British bobsledder Rebekah Wilson tweeted that she had a near-miss with an open elevator shaft in Sochi.

It sure is dangerous in Sochi for a bobsledder, and their event hasn't even started.