Watch What Happens When Bird Crashes a Plane's Windshield

A bird crashed through the windshield of a single-engine plane as the pilot was attempting to land near Fort Myers, Fla., over the weekend - a dramatic incident that was caught on tape.

Robert Weber said he was 1,000 feet above ground and coming in for a landing at Page Field Airport when he suddenly felt the impact of a collision and saw blood everywhere, according to local ABC affiliate WZVN.

"Never did see him," Weber, an 11-year veteran pilot, told WZVN of the bird. "All of the sudden the window just explodes."

"I don't know if he was diving or what happened when I got him," he said.

Weber called "mayday" on his radio and took the plane off autopilot. The entire incident was captured by a camera affixed to the inside of his plane.

After Weber regained control of the plane, he landed safely at Page Field, where firefighters were waiting to make sure he was okay.

Weber survived the incident with only a cut on his forehead, and a window to replace on his plane, according to WZVN.