Autopsy: FBI Shot Ibragim Todashev 7 Times

After a sudden, bloody altercation in a Florida apartment, an FBI agent fired seven bullets to kill 27-year-old Chechen man Ibragim Todashev last year, according to an autopsy report released today.

Todashev, an associate of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was shot six times in the body and once in the top of the head, according to the report, which was released today along with other investigative documents compiled by the office of Florida State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton.

The unidentified FBI agent, along with other law enforcement officials, was interviewing Todashev about his alleged link to an unsolved 2011 triple murder in Massachusetts, in which Tsarnaev was also reportedly implicated.

According to Ashton's findings, Todashev had admitted he was "involved" in the triple murder and was in the process of penning a written statement to that effect when he suddenly attacked the officers. First a coffee table crashed into the back of the head of the FBI agent, causing him to bleed profusely, and then Todashev came at the officers with a long "pole of some sort," Ashton's report said.

The FBI agent opened fire. Three or four shots hit Todashev, but he was still able to "lunge" toward the officers, the prosecutor said. Another three or four more shots killed the young man. The autopsy report said that the shots were the cause of Todashev's death and said there was "no evidence of close range firing in any of the gunshot wounds."

DOWNLOAD: Ibragim Todashev Autopsy (PDF - WARNING: Graphic Descriptions)

Ashton announced today that the FBI agent acted in self-defense and would not face charges connected to the fatal shooting. A separate inquiry by the Department of Justice resulted in similar findings, also announced today.

The shooting had been considered controversial because in the hours and days following the incident, law enforcement officials had made contradictory statements about whether Todashev was armed with a weapon at the time he was killed. At the time, Todashev's father said the FBI, who he called "bandits," had executed his son to "shut him up."

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