Cops Say Mom Lied About Child Locked in Car to Get Faster Police Response

A 26-year-old Denver woman managed to get a quick response after calling 911 and telling operators she had locked her child in her car and couldn't find her keys, but when help arrived, they found a locked car and no child inside, according to police.

"Her kids are not in the car, she just felt the need to go ahead and say that to get the fire department out here quicker," an officer told dispatchers after responding, according to ABC News affiliate KMGH-TV in Denver.

According to a police report obtained by KMGH-TV, Erica Lyle, 26, told police she was "going crazy because she couldn't find her keys" and wanted help to unlock her car.

Denver Police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez told KMGH-TV that 911 should never be called because a person simply can't find their keys.

"Never call for that. If you lock your keys in your car, you have to call a locksmith. We are not there to unlock your vehicle," Lopez told KMGH-TV.

Lyle was ordered to court for misuse/unlawful use of emergency services, according to police. Records also showed that police had been called to that address numerous times.

Although she was ordered to court, according to KMGH-TV, firefighters were able to unlock the car. Shortly after doing so a child came out of the house with car keys in hand.