Pilot In Harrowing Viral Missile Selfie Revealed

Just when you thought this pilot's "selfie" in the cockpit of his F-16 cockpit at the exact moment he was firing a missile was cool, surprise! It's actually an entire video, which is even cooler.

The man hiding underneath the mysterious helmet has now been revealed as Royal Danish Air Force pilot Thomas Kristensen, who the Danes regard as " one of the most experienced F-16 pilots in the RDAF, having flown thousands of hours, including missions over ex-Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya."

That is sure to ease the minds of those worried about his close proximity to the fiery air-to-air missile flying through the air right next to him.

The "best selfie ever," as some have described it online, is simply a well-timed screenshot of this even-more-mesmerizing video originally posted by The Royal Danish Air Force in October 2012.

It is only now garnering so much Internet-attention because of the recent selfie obsession Ellen caused at this year's Oscars with her gaggle of A-listers squishing together to say, "Cheese."