Smile, You're in My Selfie: 'Selfies with Strangers'

(Jason Rodjanapanyakul/YouTube)

Jason Rodjanapanyakul, a 23-year-old YouTube user from Seattle, decided to take more than 50 selfies with complete strangers recently during a walk around Bellevue Square Mall in Bellevue, Wash. The reactions were priceless.

(Jason Rodjanapanyakul/YouTube)

Within the evolution of a social media selfie culture that recently saw Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie become the most re-tweeted tweet in history, a "selfies with strangers" trend is taking hold. People have posted selfies with strangers videos to YouTube, to Facebook and Tumblr pages called "Selfies with Strangers" and to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #selfieswithstrangers.

The concept is self-explanatory: You approach a stranger and attempt to take a selfie with them.

"In a nutshell, my goal is to entertain viewers who are looking for a giggle and at the same time inspire people to overcome their apprehension of social interactions," Rodjanapanyakul said. "The uprising of these YouTube channels consisting of social experiments/pranks are not only giving people a laugh or two, but they also serve a purpose of inspiring others to leave their comfort zone."

"I enjoyed most of the selfies I took with the adults," Rodjanapanyakul added. "I was going to leave after about 30 photos but on my way out. I just couldn't resist and took about 20 more! There were only two groups among all of the takes who didn't really want to be photographed."

Rodjanapanyakul dedicates four to five days a week generating content for his YouTube channel, JasonSoSilly. He aims to take the ordinary selfie to another level.

"I'm just waiting for the day when people submit professional selfies of themselves for their high school senior portraits," Rodjanapanyakul joked.

(Jason Rodjanapanyakul/YouTube)