Water Bottles Thrown at Malaysia Airlines Officials

(Image Credit: WorldNews OfDay/YouTube)

Irate families of passengers on board a missing Malaysia Airlines flight pelted airline officials with water bottles and demanded answers to what has become one of the most perplexing aviation mysteries in recent years.

The video, which was taken Monday in Beijing, shows several water bottles being lobbed at airline officials, who stood at the front of the room to deliver the frustrating news that no new information was known about the fate of the doomed Boeing 777.

"All Malaysians are liars!" one man shouted in Chinese, according to the New York Times. "Do you know what 'liars' means?"

See the Video Here

It's been an agonizing wait for the families since the flight vanished en route to Beijing on Friday (Saturday morning in Asia.)

About four hours after the airline posted a "delayed" notice on the arrivals board, an airport official, taking no questions, wrote an announcement by hand on a board directing passengers' waiting friends and families to go to the Lido Hotel where representatives from Malaysia Airlines would meet them.

The families were eventually bused to the hotel about 15 miles away where the awful reality became apparent.

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