1-Ton, Man-Eating Crocodile Caught in Uganda

Residents of the Kakira village, in the Jinja District of eastern Uganda, gather to look at a crocodile that was captured by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) staff, March 31, 2014. PETER BUSOMOKE/AFP/Getty Images

A monstrous one-ton crocodile that terrorized an Ugandan village has been caught after a four-day hunt, according to Ugandan wildlife officials.

Authorities estimate the reptile is about 80-years-old and believe it's responsible for killing a local resident as well as mauling several other people, a Uganda Wildlife Authority officer told The New Vision.

Wildlife officials used meat on a stick to bait the crocodile and catch it. It'll be transferred by truck to Murchison Falls National Park in Lolim, Uganda.