Calif. Teen Who Tried to Sell Pot Brownies Faces Deportation

A California teenager could possibly face deportation after a fellow high school student got sick off one of the marijuana-laced brownies she was selling in order to buy a prom dress.

Saira Munoz, 19, was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail earlier this week on drug charges and attempting to recruit a classmate, who was a minor, to help her sell the brownies last year.

With time served, she will not go back to jail, authorities said.

On the other hand, Munoz, who came to the U.S. on temporary permission in 2000, could face deportation to her native Mexico after the Sutter County Probation Department notified the feds about her conviction.

Federal immigration officials in California told ABC News that they are "still reviewing the circumstances of the case" and have not determined any actions in Munoz' case yet.

Munoz, a student at River Valley High School in Yuba City, got in trouble when a 15-year-old student fell ill from the brownies, became disoriented and had to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital for observation.

Munoz, River Valley High School officials and the Sutter County Probation Department could not be reached immediately for comment.