Diplomatic Incident Over Kim Jong-Un's Haircut

This undated photo provided by M&M Hair Academy in South Ealing, west London, shows barber Karim Nabbach standing next to a poster poking fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un unusual hairstyle. M&M Hair Academy/AP Photo

Kim Jong-un's distinctive haircut is no laughing matter for North Korea. A London hair salon that put up a promotional poster of the country's leader, with the tag line "Bad Hair Day?" is at the center of a diplomatic dispute.

The North Korean embassy has asked the British government to take action against the hair salon, calling the poster a "provocation."

A British spokesman tells ABC News that the government in London "will respond in due course."

After putting the poster in the window to advertise a special deal, the hair salon got a visit from two men in black suits from the North Korean embassy earlier this week.

Barber Karim Nabbach tells BBC News that the men demanded to know the name of the person who put the poster up. "I said you're not having my name. If you want to take it any further, bring your lawyers in and we can take it from there."

Nabbach said they contacted Scotland Yard about the visit, and police found the poster "funny."

"Everyone finds it funny except for the North Korean embassy," he said.

The embassy was unavailable for comment.