House Painted to Look Like Home in Animated Movie 'Up'

(Courtesy of Hosam Haggag)

A family living on one of the most historic streets in Santa Clara, Calif., recently repainted their house to resemble the home in the beloved animated film "Up."

"Our whole family loves the movie," homeowner Hosam Haggag told ABC News. "But when we re-watched it a few months ago with our daughters, we decided we wanted to paint our house to look like it."

Haggag and his wife Fatima Rahman fell in love with the northern California home two and a half years ago, but knew they would have a long and grueling process of renovations to bring the house up to city codes.

"The house was in shambles when we purchased it," said Haggag. "Because of its condition, we really had to fix it up from the inside out and build a new foundation."

Every homeowner on the century-old street has to have an environmental review, a historical review and a preservation plan prior to renovations.

"Our renovations were approved by the city over the two-and-a-half-year process," said Haggag.

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In addition to the colorful paint, the exterior of the house mirrors the animated version exactly.

"We had to rebuild the porch, but if you compare before and after photos of the house, the new porch looks the same, except it's not going to collapse," said Haggag.

Neighborhood reaction has been positive for the most part, according to the Haggags, except for a few complaints.

"Even though there have been a couple of people who don't like the house's look, we try to focus on the positive reaction for our kids," said Haggag.

"The majority of the people in our neighborhood really love the house," Rahman said. "People will drive by yelling 'good job!'"

After the two-and-a-half-year renovation process, the family spent their first night in the home on Saturday.

"When I drove by the house last week with my daughter, she was so excited," said Rahman. "She asked, 'Can the house fly now?' It just made the whole process totally worth it."