Jesus-Like Image Appears in California Cafe Pancake

The Cowgirl Cafe flipped a pancake with a face resembling Jesus on Friday, April 18, 2014. Owner Karen Hendrickson said it wasn't served to a customer. (KABC)

They're claiming it's a delicious miracle.

A cafe in Norco, Calif., says that the Mickey Mouse pancake it was trying to make on Good Friday ended up looking like Jesus Christ, something they're taking as a sign from above.

"The night before, she [his wife Karen] decides to pray about something and the next day on Good Friday we get this pancake," said Gary Henderickson, the co-owner of Cowgirl Café with his wife Karen, said. "To us it looks like a picture of Jesus looking down, like he's looking down over us."

The couple is keeping the pancake in their freezer at home to preserve it; they're looking into more permanent methods of preservation, too. In the meantime, they're displaying a picture of the pancake on the Cowgirl Cafe wall.

Henderickson says he's taking the message to heart, especially since his brother was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago. But he said he isn't sure why the Lord has decided to bless him with his son's image on a Mickey Mouse-shaped pancake (full disclosure: ABC News is owned by The Walt Disney Company).

"I can't explain why God acts the way he does," he said.