America's Oldest Citizen Celebrates Her 115th Birthday

America's oldest citizen gives advice on her 115th birthday. (ABC News)

America's oldest citizen, Jeralean Talley, celebrated turning 115 by thanking God for her health.

"A long time ago, I asked the good Lord, when you get ready to take me home…I don't want to be sick," Talley told WXYZ-TV in Detroit. "So far I don't suffer so much."

Talley is considered a "supercentenarian" by the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks some of the oldest people in the world. She is officially believed to be the second oldest person in the world, after another woman in Japan.

Talley was born in 1899 and says she still is able to care for herself and get around on her own, as long as she has a walker. The centenarian lives with her 76-year-old daughter in the same house she has lived in since the 1960s. According to the Detroit Free Press, Talley has been active in her old age and only gave up bowling at 104.

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