Dash Cam Captures Women Drivers in San Diego Road Rage Wreck

Police in San Diego are trying to determine whether a collision during an alleged road rage incident between two women was intentional or whether one of the drivers lost control of her vehicle while expressing her displeasure with the other woman.

The California Highway Patrol in San Diego told ABC News today they are investigating dash cam video that shows a pickup truck swerving into a car, causing them both to crash on Saturday.

"Right now whether it's a crash or a criminal act is under investigation," Officer Jake Sanchez with the San Diego CHP said.

Road rage between two San Diego women results in a collision seen in this dash cam video grab. N.E.O.

"There was some sort of display of displeasure, on both sides I believe," Sanchez said.

As seen in the video, the accident starts when the pick-up truck driven by Stephanie Pontarolo moves alongside the car driven by Kelsey Shakespeare. CHP confirms the driver of the pick-up truck was angry, and pulled next to the car to show her displeasure with the other driver.

If the incident is found to be a criminal act, charges could range from reckless driving to attempted murder, Sanchez said.

Pontarolo, 33, suffered minor lacerations, while Shakespeare, 21, complained of back pain, Sanchez said.