Firefighter's 'Selfie' Taken During SoCal Fires Goes Viral

Tim Bergon of the San Marcos Fire Department

The latest "selfie" gaining steam on social media belongs to a firefighter in San Marcos, California, who took a quick break from fighting blazes to send an image to his wife so she'd know he was OK.

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Tim Bergon of the San Marcos Fire Department and a father of three reportedly took the photo that shows him lying on the ground with other firefighters resting in the background.

The owners of the Plan 9 Alehouse in Escondido, also friends of Bergon and his family, then posted the picture on Facebook with "Thank you."

The rest is history. The image on Facebook now has more than 35,000 likes and more than 4,000 shares.

Last week, firefighters battled as many 11 fires in San Diego County as drought, Santa Ana winds, high temperatures and low humidity fueled the infernos.