Grandmother Tethers Disabled Boy to Bus Stop in India

Lakhan Kale's grandmother tied him to a bus stop so she didn't lose him, when she worked. (Getty Images)

A photograph of a 9-year old Indian boy tethered to a bus stop in Mumbai has drawn outrage from Indians about the lack of resources for the disabled, according to Getty Images.

Lakhan Kale cannot hear or speak and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His grandmother cared for him and when she worked selling toys and flower garlands on the roadside, she tethered the child to a local bus stop, according to Getty. At night Kale's grandmother tied his leg to hers, so she would know if he ran off.

Pictures of the boy lying listlessly on the ground were printed in the local newspapers this week and drew outrage from readers. After the photos were published, local authorities intervened, according to the Times of India.

The boy has since been taken to a children's shelter.