'House of Cards' Casting for NSA Director: How to Nail the Audition

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in season 2 of Netflix's "House of Cards. (Nathaniel Bell for Netflix)

Think you have what it takes to match wits with Kevin Spacey as the head of National Security Agency in the Netflix show "House of Cards"?

The show's casting company posted an ad today seeking actors to audition for the role of the NSA's director, among other roles, for the third season of popular drama. The ad for role spells out what the casting company is looking for:

Kimberly Skyrme Casting (email address at end of post) is seeking talent for House of Cards Season 3

When: Shooting availability: June 12 -July 15, 2014

Seeking performers able to portray the following:

NSA DIRECTOR: MALE or FEMALE: 45-55 years old, open ethnicity

If you're thinking of trying out for the NSA Director, be sure to keep these things in mind as you read for the part.

  • Military Experience: Almost all former directors of the NSA have been leaders in the Air Force or Navy. You'll need to stand up straight, keep your audition space neat and tidy, and have a working understanding of global combat (or at least be able to fake it till you make it).
  • Political Acumen: Like Frank Underwood's new job in Season 3, the NSA Director is a public-facing role. The position of director has only recently been made public by the U.S. government, and so from here on out the director will need to be able to glad-hand and make statements to other politicians, curious Congress members, reporters and the public.
  • Knowledge of the Internet: That's right, the director will also have to be a bit of an Internet nerd in order to understand mass data collection programs and how data can translate into intelligence information. An interest in gadgets, coding, and the ability to talk about metadata convincingly could help you here.
  • Understand Insider Threats: The biggest NSA story in recent months has been that of Edward Snowden and the threat posed by other inside leakers. The NSA Director on "House of Cards" will certainly have to deal with this threat if last season's storyline following reporter Lucas Goodwin's investigation into the deep Web and Frank's secrets continues.

If you're not right for NSA Director, the company is also searching for actors to play senators, reporters, military colonels and emergency room doctors.

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