Mom 'Looking Over Shoulder' After Cop-Husband Convicted of Framing Her

The ex-wife of a disgraced Texas police officer who has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years probation for framing her on drug charges said today she is glad the "nightmare" is over but said, "I will always be looking over my shoulder."

"If anyone would have ever told me I would have drugs planted on me by my ex-husband, another police officer and a local criminal, I would have never believed them," Laura Covington told ABC News today.

Her former husband, Madisonville police Sgt. Jeffrey Covington, was convicted last week of retaliation for planting methamphetamines in Laura Covington's car in 2011 during a child custody battle. The drugs were found after she was stopped by police and she was promptly jailed.

Laura Covington, the ex-wife of Madisonville police Sgt. Jeffrey Covington, is seen in this video grab. KTRK

The terms of Jeffrey Covington's sentencing, which occurred Monday, include 30 days in jail, five years probation, and the surrender of his peace officer's license, according to ABC News affiliate KTRK TV.

The court determined that Jeffrey Covington and a second police officer arranged with a third person to plant drugs in Laura Covington's vehicle. She was seven months pregnant when she was arrested and her two children were taken away from her for five weeks.

"Being arrested when I was seven months pregnant, going to jail, and then having my two young children taken from me was a nightmare that still causes me pain to this day," she told ABC News. "It's like a bad dream, but the sad thing is that it's not a dream because it actually happened."

"Having my babies taken from me was the worst part about this entire ordeal and if Jeff would have succeeded in his scheme, I could have lost them forever. My family and I will move on, but I will always be looking over my shoulder," Laura Covington said.

Laura Covington's attorney Paxton Adams has filed civil rights lawsuit in federal court as well.

Jeffrey Covington could not be immediately reached for comment.

The police officer who allegedly helped Jeffrey Covington is scheduled to go on trial later this month.