What, No Fries With That New Hamburger Shoe?

(Photo Credit: End Clothing)

The hamburger shoe has arrived. What, weren't you waiting for it?

A British clothing company called End Clothing worked with Saucony to design this new hamburger-inspired sneaker called the Shadow 5000 Burger. The kicks use the same colors - but not actual ingredients - as burgers.

The shoe, available Saturday, comes with condiment packets labeled as "mayo" and "BBQ" that contain shoelaces, and everything is packed into a box resembling a takeout container. The sneaker is going for 99 pounds in England - and no, you can't eat it. Oh, that's about $167.

Of course, Saucony is not the first to think of putting burgers and shoes together. Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorff made a shoe burger for a Nike-sponsored contest, and in 2013 a Georgia woman was arrested while wearing a cheeseburger for a shoe at a Waffle House. Vans and Asics have also made burger-inspired shoes.

The designers of the End Clothing shoe told the website Complex their inspiration came from the gourmet burger trend.