Friday, June 13 at 10 pm on ABC

Whether buying everyday products like shampoo and makeup, or spending money on expensive wines, consumers beware… "20/20? investigates the multi-million dollar counterfeit industry. Plus, resumes and even songs - can you tell the different between real and fake? "20/20? airs on FRIDAY, JUNE 13 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

  • Wide World of Counterfeits: Ever consider that those shampoos, skin creams, toothpaste, mouth wash, and the make-up on your face might not be what you think? David Muir is on the prowl for fake every day products from the counter to the streets. "20/20? is there on police busts and in warehouses all over the country tied to this multi-million dollar counterfeit industry, and uncovers some of the harmful ingredients that consumers need to know about.
  • Fake Credentials: From the resumes to the diplomas to the references themselves, the country is teeming with fraudulent credentials and people in high places who lied to get there. "20/20? puts two companies to the test to see if they could catch fake job applicants. Deborah Roberts reports.
  • Fake Wine: Do you think you have discerning tastes? You may want to think again. Wine lovers all over the world are turning into taste bud casualties of elaborately expensive wines passed off as the real deal. Even the experts themselves are fooled. Brian Ross uncorks the big market of fake wine on racks and on tables worldwide.
  • Fake Song: Nick Watt is on a journey to turn himself from dude with bad singing voice to rock star singer who can compete with the best. He pulls out all the tricks of the music industry trade to accomplish this feat, taking viewers through the latest lip-syncing fiascos on a quest to understand if our best and biggest singers are actually just faking it?