How You Can Help: Syrian Refugee Children

Christine Romo/ABC News

There are nearly 600,000 Syrian child refugees in Lebanon and according to UNICEF, 300,000 of them are not in school.

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Instead many of these children work to support their families. They can be found everywhere, from agricultural fields to urban streets, selling everything from chewing gum to flowers and tissues.

These children, some as young as 7, and their families fled the conflict in Syria.

Many of the children are from middle class families and were in school in Syria but now must work to survive.

They wake up at 6 a.m., board a truck and head to the fields to spend hours doing back-breaking work.

UNICEF and Beyond Association work together to give the kids some schooling after their fieldwork and before they return to tents and their families.

Below is information on how to help:


To donate on the web:

To donate by text: Text SYRIA to 864233 to donate $10.

$15 can buy pencils and notebooks for an entire classroom

$4 can buy a text book for a child

$4 can buy a story book for a child

Beyond Association:

Save the Children: