Veteran Runs 160 Miles in 160 Hours to Honor Fallen Servicewomen

It's a bit of a crazy idea when you think about it - 160 miles in 160 hours.

That's what Capt. Nancy Lacore, 46, of Virginia, did in little more than 6.5 days during the Valor Run.

The run honors the 160 women who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. There's one mile for each of the fallen servicewomen.

"It's not about me running. It's about the people coming together and recognizing all the women who have died," Lacore said.

The decorated 24-year U.S. Navy vet, and the mother of 6, started the run in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Oct. 12 and completed the journey at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, on Oct. 18.

She was joined on the run by several people. Some ran the 160 miles; others were there for support along the way. Her husband, Patrick Lacore, drove alongside her the whole way, helping her with food, water, and most of all, encouragement.

The goal of the run was to raise $10,000 for the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation and $25,000 for Wounded Wear. So far the run has raised $ 16,320 for Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation and $ 16,625 for Wounded Wear.

Although Lacore, who trained for the Valor Run for the better part of a year, was tired and nauseous toward the end, she ended the run strong.

"I feel good! I feel like I could keep running. It's amazing to see all these people here, all for this reason," she said.

"There's no greater love than being a veteran," said Air Force veteran Patricia Sherwood, who also ran. "This run, symbolizing 160 of our fallen sisters, there's no way to explain it but it hits right here and I'm proud to be representing one of my Air Force sisters."

At the beginning of each leg of run, she read the names of the women she was remembering on that particular day. During the last leg, she carried a picture of Major Megan McClung. McClung was the first female Marine killed during the Iraq War.

"She was a Marine, she was a runner, triathlete. Her mother reached to me before I started, and her mother said, 'I'm sure Megan's going to be running right along with you,'" Lacore said.

Lacore said in the end the run was all about bringing people together to honor the fallen servicemen and women.

"I really wanted to bring people together and that's what we did…There were families who lost women, but there were families here who lost men too. And they're equally supportive that we have to recognize all sacrifices," she said.

Nancy Lacore, a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, ran 160 miles in 160 hours to honor fallen servicewomen. (Credit: ABC News)