US Airways: Passengers Evacuate Flight in Denver as Smoke Fills Cabin

Passengers on US Airways Flight 445 from Charlotte were told to evacuate the plane as soon as it landed at Denver International Airport today, authorities said.

"The flight did have a smoke smell in cockpit. Evacuation slides deployed as plane was on the ground. Passengers were evacuated and bussed safely to concourse," said Stacey Stegman, a spokeswoman for Denver International Airport, told ABC News.

"While three passengers were checked by paramedics on the scene for minor injuries, no one was transported to the hospital," Laura Coale, another airport spokeswoman, told ABC News.

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Brooks Robinson, of Atlanta, who was on the flight, described to ABC News the scene.

"The jet stopped abruptly on the taxiway and then passengers saw and smelled smoke," he said.

"All of a sudden the captain comes over the intercom and goes, 'ladies and gentlemen evacuate, evacuate, evacuate!' And you could tell he was a little … disturbed and a little shaken up," he added.

"It got pretty smoky. I mean me I'm not one to really panic over minor stuff, but it was enough where I wanted to put my shirt over my face because it was kind of a foul smell and awkward odor," said Robinson.

Robinson and many passengers took to social media where they posted videos and pictures of the incident.

"Fire department ruled out fire as the cause of the smoke," Stegman said.

She also said NTSB continue to investigate the cause.