Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie May Stop at 3 Kids

Thomas Beatie, the female-to-male transgender who garnered fame and sparked controversy when he became pregnant, may be calling it quits after giving birth to his third child.

Beatie appeared today on CBS’s “The Doctors” to discuss his nontraditional family. During the appearance, posted online by last Friday, Beatie said he was now considering a hysterectomy. According to the online account, he also talked with the show’s physicians about how he could return to his pre-pregnancy weight.

The episode of “The Doctors” marked the first time the whole  family appeared on a TV show together.

Watch a Barbara Walters special on Thomas Beatie here.

Beatie, who was born female in 1974 and named Tracy Lagondino, had sex-reassignment surgery in 2002 and legally changed from female to male in Hawaii. But  Beatie had never undergone “bottom” surgery, known as phalloplasty, to create an artificial penis. He also left his female reproductive organs in place and  said the  decision to bear children came after his wife, Nancy, found out she could not.

Beatie first achieved notoriety when he appeared in photos, bearded and with a pregnant belly, in 2007. The photos caused a sensation, with headlines trumpeting “the world’s first pregnant man.”

So far, Beatie has had three children — daughter Susan and sons Austin and Jensen – all born between June 2008 and July 2010 through artificial insemination using donor sperm.