Cape Cod Clinic Offers Free Pizza With Vasectomy

       A Cape Cod clinic is offering free pizza with a vasectomy for March Madness.                                                                                                (Image Credit: Getty Images)

With March Madness looming, a Cape Cod clinic is giving guys the perfect excuse to veg out on the couch: A vasectomy. They'll even throw in a free pizza.

"This gives them an excuse to sit down, watch the game, eat some pizza," said Evan Cohen, practice coordinator at the Urology Associates of Cape Cod, in an interview with ABC News. "If they relax, they'll be better off and have a smaller risk of complications."

The 10-minute surgical procedure severs the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles, acting as a permanent form of contraception. Men leave the clinic with instructions for their recovery and, until the NCAA finals on April 2, a coupon for Surf's Up Pizza & Seafood.

"It's kind of a touchy subject," said Cohen, adding that most men know little about the procedure. "We're trying to make it light so it's easier to talk about."

The promotion is fitting, given that March is the biggest month for vasectomies.

"We see about 100 consults in March, when we typically may only have 20 to 30? in other months, said Cohen. Most men, he said, don't want to waste the peak summer months recovering from surgery. "They want to get this kind of elective procedure done and out of the way before the season gets into full swing."

After a vasectomy, a man is instructed to support his scrotum with a bandage or tight fitting underwear, ice the area, and avoid heavy lifting as well as sex, according to the Mayo Clinic. There is no official recommendation on pizza.

It might sound like a clever excuse for men to slack off during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. But Cohen said it's usually women who make the appointments.

"Being on the pill, having your tubes tied, those carry costs and the risk of complications," he said. "I had my vasectomy here, and my wife is the one who scheduled it."

Cohen said he hopes the promotion pays off. But either way, he's rooting for Kentucky.