Mini Darth Vader Max Page Released From Hospital, Looking Forward to 'Cold Milkshake'


Max Page, who portrayed a boy version of Darth Vader in the popular Volkswagen commercial that debuted during the 2011 Super Bowl, has been released from a Los Angeles hospital after a successful open heart surgery.

Page, who also portrays Reed on the CBS soap "The Young and the Restless," was released Monday, according to a Children's Hospital Los Angeles spokesperson. The young actor, who was born with a congenital heart defect, left four days after his pulmonary valve was replaced.

"Well, I'm excited about a lot of things - especially having a milkshake," Page said about his release.

The operation, which repaired a hole in the young boy's heart, took two hours. The valve used is expected to last about 15 years before it will need to be replaced with noninvasive surgery, according to the hospital.

"He had a good night. He is in very good condition," attending physician Dr. Sylvia Del Castillo said in a statement Saturday. "He is on medication for his blood pressure and that will keep him in the unit."

Page is not just a patient, but also a Junior Ambassador for the hospital he has been coming to for treatment since he was an infant.

"If you use your force and dream big, you can achieve anything. We may be small but we are mighty," Page tells other kids facing scary situations.

As an ambassador for CHLA, Page helped raise more than $50,000 for the hospital last year alone.

Page faces six to eight weeks of recovery, The Associated Press reported.

ABC News' David Wright and the Associated Press contributed to this report.