Arizona Hospital to Cut Shocking Price for Antivenom

What may have stung worse than Marcie Edmonds' scorpion bite was the $83,046 hospital bill she was slapped with after treatment.

Now, the Arizona hospital where Edmonds was treated says it's reviewing its pricing on the costly antivenom used to treat her, which became the main crux of the bill.

Edmonds, 52, who was stung in the stomach while opening a box of air conditioner filters, rushed to Chandler Regional Medical Center, where doctors injected two vials of an anti-venom called Anascorp.

The serum, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August 2012, typically costs hospitals about $3,800 per vial, ABC News previously reported.

Edmonds was charged $39,652 per Anascorp vial - 10 times the cost to the hospital.

Hospital information through the Arizona Department of Health Services now shows that Chandler Regional Medical Center has cut the price of Anascorp to $8,000, the Arizona Republic reported.

However, Edmonds may not be expected to pay even the discounted price of her hospital bill. The hospital has settled her bill for an undisclosed amount, the Arizona Republic reports.