Jeff Bauman Gives Present to Fellow Boston Bombing Victim

(Credit: Courtesy Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund)

Sydney Corcoran, who was injured during the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, was still recovering at Boston Medical Center on Tuesday for her 18th birthday.

So fellow bombing victim Jeff Bauman stopped by to give her a present.

Bauman is the man in the wheel chair pictured in the now famous Associated Press photo taken shortly after the bombing.

Bauman, 27, lost both legs in the attack, and Corcoran is recovering from a severed femoral artery in a hospital.

Corcoran, a Lowell High School senior, was at the marathon with her parents when the bomb exploded. Her mother's legs were badly damaged in the blast and had to be amputated below the knee, her cousin Alyssa Carter told Corcoran's artery wound would have been fatal if strangers didn't rush to stop the bleeding.

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