Chris Powell's Summer Slimdown Tips

It's almost summer and that means it's time to get your body ready for bikini season. Chris Powell, master trainer and host of ABC's " Extreme Weight Loss," visited " Good Morning America" today as part of our "Times Square Summer Slimdown Week," sharing his tips to kick your workout into high gear.

On the season premiere of "Extreme Weight Loss," which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, Powell helps two twins, David and Rebecca, who tipped the scales at a combined 900 pounds, drop an incredible amount of weight.

For the twins and many others, getting started can be the toughest part of the weight-loss journey, Powell says.

"I know you've heard this before but take one thing that you are willing to change in your life, whether it's moving for five minutes or drinking water, take one promise that you can fulfill, and keep that promise to yourself over and over and over. And then take on another small change," Powell suggests.

Most importantly, the "GMA" weight-loss correspondent says to lose weight, you must get moving. A quick move that anyone can do in just a few minutes a day, Powell says, is the squat jack.

"A squat jack is a great total body movement," the best-selling author of "Choose More, Lose More for Life" said.

Credit: ABC

Besides being "fun," the squat jack spikes your heart rate and it's so easy to combine with other exercises.

Another power workout move with Powell's seal of approval is jumping rope.

"Jumping rope is back. It was a thing a few decades ago and now it's back, which is great. It's endurance, stamina, and it's a total body exercise. It's not just the legs, but it's balance and the shoulders," he said. "For the beginner there are easy moves, or there are crossovers and lots of complicated things you can do that give you a great total body workout."

"Choose More, Lose More for Life" is published by Hyperion, which is owned by The Walt Disney Co., the parent company of ABC News. Powell is a paid spokesman for the California Almond Board.

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