The 'Prancercise' Craze and Other Strange Exercises

The mesmerizing exercise known as 'Prancercise' first galloped into the world in 1989. But without the ability to retweet, email or gif the routine, it remained virtually unknown until a video of "Prancercise" founder Joanna Rohrback went viral last week.

In the video, Rohrback leads viewers through different "prancercise" routines from "trotting" to shadow-box "galloping." Rohrback modeled her workouts after horses prancing in a field, and her cheerful commentary and distinctive fitness routines have made the video a hit with over 2 million views so far.

"We're going to really cut the noose and let it loose with the prancercise gallop," Rohrback cheerfully says in the video.

Although it may not take over as the next Pilates, some fans have started to upload videos of themselves "prancercising" in different locations.

But "prancercise" is hardly the first peculiar exercise routine to grab attention. There are plenty of other options for unusual workouts - from high-heeled aerobics to treadmill dancing - each a little more intriguing than your average yoga class.

Treadmill Dancing

Marcus Dorsey was bored of walking to nowhere on the treadmill, so he came up with a unique way to stay fit and entertained.

To keep fit, Dorsey spins, twirls and sidesteps across a moving treadmill, always managing to avoid falling on his face.

A fellow gym member was so impressed with Dorsey's dance steps, the person filmed him during a routine and posted it on YouTube. The video has already garnered more than 2 million views.

Although Dorsey's dance steps look tricky and occasionally death-defying, he claims he never loses his footing, almost.

"I fell six years ago. But it hurts, so I stopped falling," Dorsey said during an appearance on "Good Morning America. "

Estelle Getty Workout Video

Everyone's favorite Golden Girl made an exercise video for seniors citizens in 1993.

In the video, the diminutive TV star leads seniors through easy stretches that help with posture and flexibility.

"One thing that's no joke for me is the importance of exercise for senior citizens," Getty says in the video. "When you get older you get smaller. If I get any smaller I'm going to look like a peanut."

The Heel Hop Workout

Workouts can be painful in comfortable clothing, but one former music video dancer has devised an even more extreme way to sculpt the body: aerobics in heels.

Kamilah Barrette designed the "Heel Hop" fitness class to help women create longer, leaner lower bodies and to strengthen their cardiovascular system.

Barrett, a professional dancer who has worked with R. Kelly and 50 Cent, decided to create the routine after performing in music videos where she often had to wear sky-high heels while dancing.

Barrette said if she's going to perform in heels, she needs to rehearse in them.

"I'm not in heels 24 hours a day, but when you have to get in them you want to know how you're supposed to feel," Barrette said on "Good Morning America." "To this day I'm still performing in heels."

Hulk Hogan Workout

For a generation of kids, Hulk Hogan was a kind of real-life action hero. The wrestler famous for his mustache and muscles even released the "Hulkamania" Workout Set for kids.

Complete with jump rope, dumbbells and a handgrip "for power!" the workout set promised any and all kids who bought the set could bulk up just like Hogan. Facial hair not included.

Miss Piggy's "Snackcercise" Routine

For a fun "exercise" everyone can enjoy, Miss Piggy has her "snackcercise" routine. Instead of pesky push-up, the Muppet leads through fitness routines of "eating banana cream pie" or munching on chocolate bars. It's a fun exercise but not one that will help anyone stay in shape.

Miss Piggy does have a few handy tips for viewers attempting the exercise for the first time, including wearing a comfortable "snack" suit and to "remember [to] never eat right before eating."