Quintuplets Celebrate First Birthday

Meryl Ferraro looks upon her quintuplets before their first birthday. (Credit: Courtesy Ferraro Family)

After 10,500 diapers and 600 cans of formula, the Ferraro quintuplets celebrated their first birthday this week at their home in Fullerton, Calif.

ABCNews.com reported on their birth last year, and mom Meryl Ferraro, 40, who carried the babies to 32 weeks, said all five of them are doing well. They have no major health problems, despite the ailments that often come with multiple births.

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"They are all healthy and getting bigger," Ferraro said, adding that they have already started to develop their own unique personalities.

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Gabrielle, or Gabby, is the patient one. She was the last one to crawl, but the first girl to walk.

Riley is "the gentle giant," says Ferraro. Even though he was a preemie who weighed just 4 pounds and 15 ounces at two weeks old, doctors said he was in the 90 th percentile for his age and height at his 9-month checkup. Plus, he has an infectious belly laugh.

Addison, or Addy, is "the peanut." She may be the smallest, but she's always the first one to eat, and she takes it very, very seriously.

Cooper is "the bulldozer." He's not the biggest, but nothing will get in his way when he wants food - not even his siblings. He's even been known to take Cheerios out of his brothers' and sisters' mouths.

Emerson is the giggler. She has the biggest smile and is always giggling.

But we can't forget Gianna, the quints' big sister. She's 3-and-a-half, so she likes to help the grown-ups. "Not for babies," is one of her favorite things to say.

Though the babies will get cupcakes on their actually birthday, Sept. 26, their parents are planning a celebration for the volunteers who have helped them over the last year and a celebration for their extended families.

"I did sing ["Happy Birthday"] to them this morning when they woke up, and they just thought it was me being silly," she said. "I don't think they get it."

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