New Beer Glass Helps Boomers Control Their Drink

Gianni Renda designed this glass for aging beer drinkers. (Courtesy Gianni Renda)

A new glass design will make it easier for aging beer drinkers to take no slip sips.

Australian professor, researcher and industrial designer Gianni Renda tapped into this good idea when he entered the Heineken Brewery 60+ Design Challenge that asked participants to design something for the over-60 beer market.

The age-friendly glass is curved on top with grooves and channels along the body to help promote a firm grip and capture condensation so the glass is less slippery. The star-shaped, silicon base steadies the glass to prevent tips and spills.

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"I'm a beer fan (and also a stickler for tradition), so I decided on creating a vessel that would allow consumers - irrespective of their age - the ability to securely grip and enjoy their beer," Renda told the tech website

So far, Renda has produced only a "rough draft" of the glass on a 3-D printer but says it's feasible to produce the glass in larger numbers. He's also dabbled in the design of assistive cutlery - easy-to-hold silverware for people with arthritis and other debilitating joint problems.