'Vaping' Santa Billboard Causes Backlash

E-cigarette company draws controversy after using "vaping" Santa in billboard. (VaporShark/Facebook)

This might put Santa on the naughty list.

The e-cigarette company Vapor-Shark is facing backlash after putting up a billboard of a "vaping" Santa Claus in Florida. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids complained the ad was similar to old cigarette ads aimed at children and called it " a new low."

Even e-cigarettes fans said the ad was inappropriate.

"Showing Santa vaping, globally recognized as a children's icon, is irresponsible and is and will be seen as a ploy to appeal to under age customers," said Aaron Frazier, a self-described "vapor," on the company's Facebook Page.

"We disagree … it's a difference of opinion" said Vapor Shark CEO Brandon Liedel of their dissenters. "The only type of kid that would be persuaded by Santa Claus is a 5-year-old. I think a gorgeous woman would be more persuasive for a teenager."